The University of Iowa

Adding Personnel to an Animal Protocol

Personnel can be amended to an already approved Animal Protocol through the following steps:


Step 1. (to be completed by Individual to be added)

  • Complete and submit the online training request form and select the appropriate training needs (e.g. CITI training).

Training request form found here


Step 2. (to be completed by Individual to be added)

  • Personnel should access and complete the requested training. 
    • Personnel will receive a confirmation e-mail from with additional instructions on how to access and complete the requested training.


Step 3. (to be completed by PI and/or authorized designee)

Note: If personnel requirements are not completed, eIACUC will highlight and identify (red box) these items.  This “flag” (not an error) will not prevent submission of the personnel amendment.


Step 4.  (to be completed by IACUC Office staff)

  • Upon receipt of the amendment, IACUC Office staff will:
    • E-mail the personnel the occupational health questionnaire.  The e-mail is sent through an automated system that sends the questionnaire to UI e-mail address associated with the HawkID provided. 
    • Process the Animal Facility Access Training request.  Personnel will be contacted by the Access Coordinator regarding enrollment into the online training course through ICON/CANVAS. Following completion of the course, personnel will submit a webform indicating the facilities for which they require orientation. The Access Coordinator will then contact them regarding training time(s) and schedule the training.


Step 5.  (to be completed by Individual to be added)

  • Personnel should look for an email from IACUC regarding a UIRIS health assessment. 

Caution: The questionnaire occasionally gets filtered to junkmail/clutter, so personnel should check both their UI email inbox and junkmail/clutter for this questionnaire.

  • Schedule a time to perform facility training through the Security Access Coordinator.


Step 6.  (to be completed by IACUC Office staff)

  • The IACUC Office will approve the addition of personnel request once all of the training and occupational health questionnaire are complete.

NOTE: The personnel amendment cannot be approved if there are still other pending amendments besides the personnel change that have been made to the Animal Protocol.

  • If the OAR Technique Training Labs was requested, course dates will be e-mailed to the personnel by the course instructor


Step 7.  (to be completed by Individual to be added)

  • Once the personnel are approved on the Animal Protocol and the Animal Facility Access Training has been completed, personnel may arrange a time with the Access Coordinator to have their hand scanned for facility access.
  • Respond to the e-mail from OAR Technique Training Labs Course instructor with the desired course date (if training was requested).