The University of Iowa

Lab News: Biohazardous Waste Dispoal

Since it’s the beginning of a new semester, It may be useful for new lab workers/students to review requirements for preparation of red tubs for disposal. It is a recent requirement that an ICON course must be completed at least one time by laboratory staff when required.

Biohazardous Waste - W524HZ: all laboratory staff and other non-lab staff that generate and/or handle biohazardous waste tubs.  EHS is requiring the completion of this course by the indicated audience due to recurring problems related to packaging, labeling and pick-up of biohazardous waste that affect the UI’s compliance with Department of Transportation requirements.

It should be noted that waste material disposed of in red tubs may include general lab waste such as disposable gloves, test tubes, specimen container, bench paper and other waste that may not actually be biohazardous. Further information regarding waste preparation and disposal may be found here.