The University of Iowa

OAR Technique Training Labs

OAR Technique Training Labs is “hands-on”.  This is a "hands-on" training lab in which each person is offered materials needed to participate fully.


  1. Introduction to the Mouse: All training items below are covered in the course
  • Methods of mouse handling and restraint
    • Animal behavior assessment prior to restraint
    • Tail-only restraint
    • Restrain by the scruff
    • Restraint devices
  • Determining Sex
    • How do you distinguish between a male and a female mouse?
  • Review common rodent health concerns and how to identify them
    • Visualize teeth, extrude penis (if applicable), palpate abdomen
    • Role of veterinary staff and the need to report health concerns
  • Application of topical treatments
    • SSD or topical triple antibiotic ointment for skin conditions
    • Ophthalmic ointment for ocular conditions
  • Genotyping and Identification
    • Genotyping policy
    • Ear punches/ Ear Tags
      •  Review UI mouse identification/ear punch system
    • Tailing with use of restraint device
      • Application of hemostasis.
  • Review euthanasia of mice with CO2 and Confirmation of Death Policy
  • Treating Malocclusion


  1. Mouse Non-Surgical Procedures: Only specific techniques requested are trained in the course
  • Oral Gavage
  • Injection techniques
  • Blood collection techniques
  • Collection of samples (e.g. feces, urine)
  • Other techniques by request


All research personnel must be listed on an approved Animal Protocol to participate in this class.  There is no charge.  Class will last approximately 2 hours.

To register:

  • Click here:  Training Form.  Complete the form and select OAR Technique Training Labs at the bottom.  Click submit.
  • Registrant will receive email notification of available lab dates.