The University of Iowa

Room Use Agreement

Download the File Room Use Agreement Form

Rooms within OAR may occasionally be rented by Principal Investigators (PI) for special animal use and/or non-standard animal housing, based on space availability.  A written agreement may be made with OAR for temporary space assignment.  Agreements will be for a period up to one year.

  • All requests for space assignment will be submitted in writing to the OAR Office Manager.
  • OAR personnel shall provide standard husbandry for animals being housed.  Husbandry variations requested by the PI must be described in an IACUC approved Animal Protocol.  

Charge Rate

Procedure space assigned to individual investigator:  $5 per square foot per month plus animal maintenance (per diem) charges (when housed).
There may be additional charges for variations.


IACUC Policies

  • PI is responsible for maintaining the room consistent with regulatory/institutional requirements, and for proper sanitation. If not properly maintained, OAR personnel will be instructed to clean the space and charge the PI accordingly.
  • The IACUC will make final decisions concerning room assignments and room disputes.
  • IACUC personnel (or OAR personnel at direction of IACUC Chair) may enter the room at any time (except as stated in an approved Animal Protocol, such as reverse light cycle) to conduct semi-annual inspections or for other necessary requirements.
  • The IACUC has the right to terminate the contract if space use is inconsistent with agreement.