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FY2019 OAR Special Services Charges (Effective July 1, 2018)

Special Service Charges effective July 1, 2018



Time Increments and Additional Information


Staff cage handling charge* Per cage          5.00
Breeding Cage Handling Fee** Per cage        25.00
Caretaker time Per hour        33.00
Caretaker overtime Per hour        49.50
Caretaker callback 3 hour minimum charge (overtime)      148.50
Supervisor time Per hour        35.25
Supervisor overtime Per hour        52.88
Supervisor callback 3 hour minimum charge (overtime)      158.63
Veterinary Technician time Per hour        44.00
Veterinary Technician overtime Per hour        66.00
Veterinary Technician callback 3 hour minimum charge (overtime)      198.00
Room Rental Agreement See Room Use Agreement  See Link 
Special trip charge Transport Animals, Specimens & Equipment        33.00
Drug mixing charge Minimum 1/2 hour ($22 + cost of materials)        27.00
  Each additional 0.5 hour        22.00
Drug Dispense (Partial container)            5.00
Medicine Administered by Caretaker/Vet Tech            5.00
Late animal order/Next day delivery charge          50.00
Holding Protocol Transfer $50 to & $50 from Holding Protocol      100.00
Cage Set Up Fee "Non Standard Housing" Per cage          5.00
Room/Equipment Decontamimation Fee*** Labor and materials  *** 
Animal Procurement Administrative Fee Under consideration for future years  

Animal Shipping

Admin Fee - Domestic Shipping(first strain) Special cases or unique shipping requirements may result in additional fees      160.00
Each Additional Strain          20.00
Admin Fee - International Shipping(first strain) Special cases or unique shipping requirements may result in additional fees      255.00
Each Additional Strain          20.00
Cage - Shipping container          36.91
Divider - Shipping container            5.39
Napa Nectar - water source for shipping Associated with import/export of animals          3.00

Surgical/Imaging Support Space

Surgical Room Reservation Fee Non-refundable      100.00
Surgical Room Usage Daily      100.00
Instrument Pack - Small          11.50
Instrument Pack - Large          26.50
Other support materials Each individual drug/material used is charged  
* where staff is asked to perform euthanasia, malocclusion trim, special feed/water or similar activity  
** where staff is asked to wean, tail/ID, colony maint., or similar activity related to breeding  
*** based on actual time and materials used each time