FY2018 OAR Special Services Charges (Effective July 1, 2017)

Special Service Charges effective July 1, 2017


Time Increments and Additional Information


Staff Cage Handling Charge* Per cage 5.00
Breeding Cage Handling Fee** Per cage 25.00
Caretaker Time Per hour 33.00
Caretaker Overtime Per hour 49.50
Caretaker Callback 3 hour minimum charge (overtime) 148.50
Supervisor Time Per hour 35.25
Supervisor Overtime Per hour 52.88
Supervisor Callback 3 hour minimum charge (overtime) 158.63
Veterinary Technician Time Per hour 44.00
Veterinary Technician Overtime Per hour 66.00
Veterinary Technician Callback 3 hour minimum charge (overtime) 198.00
Room Rental Agreement See Room Use Agreement See Link
Special Trip Charge   33.00
Drug Mixing Charge Less than 0.5 hour ($22 + cost of materials) 27.00
  Each additional 0.5 hour 22.00
Drug Dispense (Partial Container)   5.00
Drug/Treatment Administered by Caretaker/Vet Tech   5.00
Late Animal Order/Next Day Delivery   50.00
Animal Shipping    
  - Administrative Fee - Domestic Shipping (First Strain) (Special cases or unique shipping requirements may result in additional expense) 160.00
  - Each Additional Strain   20.00
  - Administrative Fee - International Shipping (First Strain) (Special cases or unique shipping requirements may result in additional expense) 255.00
  - Each Additional Strain   20.00
  - Shipping Container (Cage)   36.91
  - Shipping Container (Divider)   5.39
  - Napa Nectar (Water Source for Shipping)   2.00
Holding Protocol Transfer   50.00
Cage Set Up Fee - Non-Standard Housing Per cage 5.00
Room/Equipment Decontamination Fee Labor and Materials ***
Animal Procurement Administrative Fee Under consideration for future   

* Staff is asked to perform euthanasia, malocclusion trim, special feed/water administration, manage special caging, or similar activity

** Staff is asked to wean, tail/ID, perform colony maintenance, or similar activity related to breeding

***Based on actual time and materials used each time