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Animal Facility Access

Instructions on how to gain access to the animal facilities:

Step 1: Click here: Training Form. Complete the form and click Animal Facility Access Training at the bottom.  Click submit.

Step 2: Form information will be verified.  The Access Coordinator will contact requester regarding training time(s) and schedule training through the Outlook calendar system.

Step 3: Requester will need to print the form attached to the Outlook training invitation. The form must be brought to each training session to obtain the required signature/s. The training schedule will be provided in the training invitation.

Step 4: Attend the scheduled training session.  If unable to attend, please contact Animal facility tour and training will be provided by the facility supervisor or an OAR veterinarian.

Step 5: Once training is complete in all required animal facilities and the form has been signed by each trainer, please contact  Access Coordinator will schedule an appointment to perform hand scan and grant access.

Rodent animal housing facility entry order:

The order in which rodent housing facilities are accessed is dictated by the animals' health status in each facility.  Some risks accepted in the non-barrier facilities are excluded from the barrier facilities.  Therefore, if personnel must handle animals housed in both types of facilities:

  • Barrier facilities must always be accessed and animals handled prior to non-barrier facilities/animals.
  • After working with rodents housed in a non-barrier facility, the barrier facility must not be entered until the next day unless permission is granted in advance by an OAR veterinarian.