The University of Iowa

Managing Authorizations

A PI can choose to authorize other personnel to access, edit/amend, and start new Animal Protocols in his/her name, by utilizing the Authorizations Manager.

The PI can also choose to grant one or more individual(s) permissions to make authorizations to other personnel. This permission level allows the authorized individual to perform many tasks on the PI’s behalf; however, the PI remains ultimately responsible for all activity performed under the Animal Protocol.

Authorizations Summary Page:

  • Select “Authorizations” from the eIACUC Toolbar to access the Authorizations Summary page.
  • The Authorizations Summary page provides a list of all Animal Protocols to which you have any level of access.
  • Click the arrowhead to the left of an Animal Protocol number to view all personnel with access to that AP, including their access level.

To adjust the access level of any person listed on your Animal Protocol (or grant access to an individual not listed as personnel on your Animal Protocol), click the “Go to Authorizations Manager” button at the top of the Authorizations Summary page.

Authorizations Manager:

There are four access levels that can be selected:

  • No Access: This person is listed on the Animal Protocol, but cannot access it via eIACUC.
  • View Only: This person can view and print the Animal Protocol, but cannot make changes to drafts or create Amendments.
  • View and Edit: This person can view/print, edit drafts, create Amendments, and submit the Animal Protocol/Amendment for IACUC review.
  • Authorize Others: This person can manage authorizations on this Animal Protocol, in addition to all View and Edit actions.

All personnel listed on one (or more) of your existing Animal Protocol(s) will be initially granted “View Only” access to the Animal Protocol(s) on which they are listed.

  • To change Authorizations for a listed person:

    • Click the arrowhead to the left of the person’s name to expand his/her Authorization details
    • Select the drop down at the top of the table to set a default access (applicable to all Animal Protocols listed).
    • Individual authorization levels can be managed by adjusting the drop-down menu to the right of each Animal Protocol in the table.
    • If the desired Animal Protocol to which you want to grant access does not appear (for instance, if a new AP has been added after access levels have been set for a person), click the “Update Protocol List” button at the top of the table to refresh the list of APs for which you can manage authorizations.​
  • To grant access to an individual not listed on any of your Animal Protocols:

    • Use the “Authorize User” personnel selection box at the top of the page to search for the desired person by last name or hawkid.
      • This selection box functions in a similar manner to those in the Personnel Sections.
    • Once the appropriate person has been selected, click “Add Authorizations.”
    • An entry table for that person will appear in the list below and authorizations can be managed as above.
  • To grant a person permission to start new Animal Protocols in your name (as the PI):

    • Select the “check box” above the AP list in that person’s authorizations table (allow user to act as your proxy)
    • This gives permission to create a new AP from a blank form and to renew or copy an existing AP.