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Soft-Feed and Oral Hydration Support Options (Informational Sheet)

OAR Informational Sheet - Soft-Feed and Oral Hydration Support Options

Informational Sheet: The IACUC has provided a set of guidance documents (Policies, Guidelines, and Informational Sheets) for use when planning animal procedures at the University of Iowa. Informational Sheets provide information about frequently asked questions and represents guidance for best practices. Deviation from the recommendation(s) does not require specific justification.


Purpose: The purpose of this document is to provide labs with adequate information needed to supplement mice with NapaNectar or Diet Gel. 

Some mice require additional nutritional or hydration support, especially small new weanlings, debilitated mice, paralysis models, post-operative mice, craniofacial abnormality mice or others that have challenges in reaching the water valve or feed.

OAR encourages the use of two products: NapaNectar and Diet Gel 31M.  Information about these products is summarized below. Note: DietGel 31M is formulated in the same way as our “standard” diet: 

If you identify a need to use these products routinely, please ensure that they are defined in your approved Animal Protocol (AP).  If you need assistance with this, please email

If you need assistance in obtaining or using these products, please contact your facility supervisor, veterinary technician or email  These products are stored at room temperature.



DietGel 31M

Support provided

Gel-like sterile water source

Softened, complete nutrition, formulated similar to 7913 (OAR standard diet)

Mouse condition

Needs additional hydration

Small weanling, debilitated mouse, paralysis, post-operative recovery, etc.

Mice on special diet need additional hydration?

Use this!

Don’t use this.

How much to feed?

½ bag for up to 3-5 mice

1 cup for up to 5 mice

How often to check mice after placement?

Check mice daily or more frequently per approved AP

Check mice daily or more frequently per approved AP

How often to replace?

As needed, usually every 3-4 days

As needed, usually every 3-4 days

Cost per packet                 (UIowa drug order)

$2.42 per pouch

$1.86 per cup

Cost per case

(if purchasing directly)

$92.86 for case of 50

$137.00 for case of 96


How to order at U of Iowa:         

Go to

Select either DIETGEL31 - 2oz cup or NAPA NECTAR 4 oz pouch

How to order a full case: or


Napa Nectar and DietGel soft feed and oral hydration data sheet


Last Reviewed by the IACUC 10/13/2021