The University of Iowa

Hazardous Agent Containment (biohazards, chemical hazards, & radioactive materials)

Multiple hazard containment protocol forms have been developed by the Office of Animal Resources (OAR) and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) for use of hazardous materials in animals.  These hazard containment protocol forms should be submitted along with the Animal Protocol for review by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  A copy of the containment forms is available from the eIACUC Animal Protocol system (Special Circumstances & Hazards section) or on the IACUC website - Hazard Containment Protocol.

For additional information on animal housing containment guidelines, please visit the EHS website - Animal Housing Containment Guidelines.

If you have further questions on hazardous agents and the requirements of their use, please contact the appropriate EHS staff. Contact information and areas of expertise can be found on the EHS Contact Us page.