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Training Requirements for Personnel on an Animal Protocol (Policy)

Policy: The IACUC has provided a set of guidance documents (Policies, Guidelines, and Informational Sheets) for use when planning animal procedures at the University of Iowa. An exception to a Policy must be described and justified in the Animal Protocol and approved by the full IACUC at a convened monthly meeting.



The purpose of this policy is to clarify what training is required for personnel to be listed and approved on an Animal Protocol.  For the modules noted below, a passing grade of 80%+ must be achieved.

Further information on personnel training can be found on the IACUC website as well as a link to the training request form:

*Training request form submission is required to receive instructions on the online modules noted below.


  1. Online Modules
  • All personnel on a protocol must complete:
  • Working with the IACUC – Refresher Course. (CITI)

Note: Working with the IACUC- Basic Course is more extensive, but will be equally accepted for completion of this course requirement.


  • A specific course for each species the personnel will be interacting with. (CITI)

For example, if working with mice, complete the Working with Mice in a Research module.


  • If the personnel is performing surgery (non-survival, survival, or both), they must also complete:
    • Aseptic Surgery Course. (CITI)


  • If the personnel is performing survival surgery, they must also take (in addition to the CITI module noted above):
    • IACUC Aseptic Surgery Training. (ICON/CANVAS)


  1. Occupational Health & Safety Program Questionnaire
  • All personnel working with vertebrate animals must complete a brief questionnaire that is submitted to University Employee Health (UEHC).


  1. Protocol Specific Training
  • For study and lab specific techniques described in the Animal Protocol, the protocol must describe the current experience the individual has and/or how the individual will be trained in the relevant techniques to be performed.
    • Needed training can occur by (examples) the PI, Co-investigators, experienced personnel listed as technical personnel, and/or IACUC or OAR staff.

Optional hands-on training courses are offered. See:


Items 1-3 are the minimum requirements to be approved as personnel on the Animal Protocol. However, it is pertinent to note that additional training items do periodically apply.


  1. Additional Training items
  • IACUC Annual Refresher Training through ICON/Canvas
    • Each year a notice will be sent to all personnel approved on an Animal Protocol to complete a course outlining current topics of relevance to the animal care and use program that all research personnel should be knowledgeable of.
  • If events occur for which an individual is found to be inadequately trained, requirements for necessary retraining will be determined and communicated by the IACUC Office on a case-by-case basis.
  • Separate from the IACUC required training, individuals seeking approval to enter animal facilities must complete OAR required items.



Note: The University of Iowa transitioned from an ICON animal use course to CITI in 2016. Personnel who previously only completed the ICON course, departed the University of Iowa, and are returning to University of Iowa (either for employment or visiting) will be  required to complete the current CITI modules in order to be re-approved on an Animal Protocol. If certificates of completion of the CITI courses can be provided, considerations will be made to accept these completions in lieu of recertification.


Last Reviewed by the IACUC 4/10/2024