The University of Iowa

New Weanling Procedure for Labs (Guideline)

Guidelines: The IACUC has provided a set of guidance documents (Policies, Guidelines, and Informational Sheets) for use when planning animal procedures at the University of Iowa. An exception to a Guideline must be described and justified in the Animal Protocol and approved during the normal review process.


Purpose: This document provides guidance to aid laboratory staff in required and recommended practices for the care of new weanling mice.  As a reminder, proper rodent breeding management requires not only breeder pair evaluation, dating of litter births and proper weaning practices, but includes care in the post-weaning period, a time of high stress for young animals. This includes involvement up to 5-6 weeks of age for most mouse strains, sometimes longer for genetically modified lines. Failure to perform proper breeding management steps may result in OAR involvement and fees for your lab.


***This guidance document can be found here: Office of Animal Resources, Animal Health & Care "Investigator guidance for monitoring and managing new weanling mice" ***